What to do during (and after) an awesome job interview

*Hint* Don’t panic!

Mindset is so important for a job interview. Your inner confidence (or nervousness) will shine through either way. You might as well focus on what you’d like to happen and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

It’s okay to feel star-struck. especially if it’s a company you really, really want to work for. Just use that excitement as energy to be put toward a great interview!

During the interview…

  • Be prepared to see other applicants or be waiting in the same room with them. Don’t be intimidated and try not to compare or judge. Focus on all the value, skills and unique experience that you can offer to the company.
  • Take a deep breath, relax, and think some positive affirmations. “I am confident.” “I am the best person for this job.” “This is an excellent interview.”
  • Expect the unexpected: Interviews could be running late or early. They ask a question that you hadn’t thought of before. Multiple people are sitting in on the interview. You’re asked to complete a skills assessment or sample project.
  • Be in the moment and give this interview experience your full attention. Build a professional connection with the people conducting the interview. Set your mental worries aside and really participate. Listen well to what they’re saying, answer questions with honesty and integrity, be engaged and engaging.
  • Humbly Brag. A job interview is the best place to talk about your achievements. Mention past projects or jobs that you’re proud of working on. Give specific examples of how you’ve improved sales, productivity, team morale, or the customer experience.
  • Always ask a question.* When given the chance to ask questions at the end of the interview, make it count. “What does a typical day for this position look like?” “What do you like the most about working here?” “Your website says that giving back is important, what kind of volunteer opportunities are there for employees?” *Save all questions about salary, vacation, and benefits until you’re after you’re offered the position and are ready to negotiate.

After the interview…

  • Be patient. It can take time for an employer to interview multiple candidates,  make an informed decision, and start the hiring process. Don’t sweat it.
  • Follow up. Wait until the day after they said they would contact you and then call or email the appropriate person to follow up.  
  • Keep searching. Even though you’ve already had several great interviews, keep your mind open to all the possibilities. Keep looking and fine-tune what you really want from your ideal job, position, company, work environment, etc.
  • Look for ways to improve and nurture yourself. Is there a class you’ve been wanting to take?  Or a book you’ve been wanting to read? Need to take a walk? Give yourself permission during the job search and transition time to learn, grow and do something productive. You’ll feel better mentally and physically, plus any new skill or knowledge you bring will also benefit your next employer.
  • Be confident and stay positive! The best job for you is out there. It’s okay to feel hopeful for the job you’ve just interviewed for and still be open to new opportunities.You’ll even attract more this way.

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