Top 3 reasons your resume needs help now

Even if you already have a resume that you’re proud to send to potential employers, there’s always room for improvement. If you don’t have a resume that highlights your skills and makes you feel confident when applying to jobs, then this is absolutely for you.

Here’s the Top 3 reasons why your resume needs help right now

Reason #1- It’s longer than one page.

Unless you have a PhD or the job description asks for more information, your resume should ALWAYS fit to ONE page only. As hard as it can be to trim some of your favorite experiences, if they’re not relevant anymore or too far in the past…let them go! Try making room for more recent experiences that relate to the job you’re applying for. Do this by trimming down your bullet points. For each section of experience you have, list 5 really strong bullet points. And, to save even more space, limit each of your bullet points to one line. Do this and you’ll be able to make room for all your good experience that’s more recent and still keep some of your vital points that might be a little dated.  

Reason #2- The formatting distracts.

It’s tempting to use fancy fonts, lines, and even colors to make your resume stand out from the crowd. Truly, the worst thing you can do for your chances of getting hired is submitting a resume that’s cluttered with too many bells and whistles. You can try using a sans-serif font like Arial to keep it simple and easy-to-read. Highlight your skills and talents within the bullet points. Make the substance of your resume compelling and you won’t need to rely on any formatting tricks to get their attention.

Reason #3- It’s not getting you any results.

Have you been applying to jobs for months with this resume and still no interviews? Are you stacking up rejection emails faster than you can apply? There could be a few things that need fixing on your resume. Make sure your spelling and grammar are impeccable. Does your resume have a clear Objective? Are you including all the relevant skills and training that you have for this particular position?

If any of these sounds familiar, your resume could use a little help. No worries.  Creating a high-quality resume that you’re proud of is easier than you think. Schedule a consultation now.



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