Jennifer met with me and spent time helping me streamline my resume and highlight the successes of each job. Her welcoming demeanor and expertise shone through and put me at ease as we worked through my resume. Her turnaround time for a completed, updated, and appealing resume was less than 2 days. She was great to share tips for interviews and a worksheet to track application. I felt like my job search was in good hands because Jennifer was in my corner helping me out! I am so happy with the end results and feel more confident as I continue to search for employment with my new resume. I can’t recommend her enough!

Leti B. -Texas

Working with Jennifer really turned things around for me when I was applying for jobs after graduating college. She was very knowledgeable, experienced, thorough, supportive and encouraging! In addition to her professional and friendly approach to working alongside me through the revision of my resume and cover letter, Jennifer had a lot of helpful tools which I was able to use to prepare for interviews and to manage all of the positions I had started applying for. I loved telling my other friends and family about how wonderful it was to have worked with Jennifer any time they asked how my job search was going. I feel that working with Jennifer made me feel more confident about myself as I entered the professional workforce, and I would absolutely recommend that you work with her as well!

Nicola H. -Texas

Thank you so much for helping me with the resume! It helped me a lot…I am so beyond thankful because of your professionalism. I called you up after 2 years…right away you helped me and emailed my resume because you kept it in your records like you said you would for future reference. All these years and now I’m able to have a copy in hand. Thank you so much. God bless you and I hope this helps you somehow letting people know how great of a person you are. If anyone is reading this Jennifer Garcia can help you with your resume!

Rocio M. -Hawaii

Never in my life would I have thought my resume would be as detailed and organized as the one you made for me! At first, I thought there were a few unnecessary questions you asked but the finished document utilized every single question. Thank you for making my fantastic resume Jennifer!  

Branden K. -Arizona