Ready For Your Best Job Interview Ever? Here’s How

Worried about your next job interview? Relax. It’s going to be okay. You have the skills and experience that they’re looking for. Especially since you got invited in for the interview!

Whether it’s in person or on a phone/video call, you’ve got this. Here are a few simple tips for making this interview your best one yet!

Before the interview…

  • Prepare your professional attire that’s clean, well-fitting, wrinkle-free and appropriate for the situation. You’re comfortable, looking sharp and feeling confident about yourself! It’s important to look your best for any type of interview–even phone calls.
  • Food that feels good. Eat healthy meals that you already know you enjoy on the night before and day-of your interview. Choose easy foods for a dinner, breakfast and snack that will help you feel energized and able to focus.
  • Sleep well the night before (5 hours at least). It’s normal to feel excited and nervous. Before bed, write down why you’re the best choice for the job. Relax and stay positive.
  • Review the company website and job description. Is it a good fit for your skills and career goals? What do you like about the company’s mission? Is there anything you don’t understand about the position? Inform yourself now.
  • Save the interview address, phone number, web links and contact information to a safe digital place (your phone’s Notes or Calendar). Print the information out if you prefer a tangible reminder.  
  • Clear your calendar. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time before your next meeting or appointment just in case the interview runs long or there’s a delay.
  • Set a reminder. Have your cell phone or digital calendar alert you an hour before the interview is scheduled and again 15 minutes prior. Limit distractions on that day so you can easily stop what you’re doing, visit the restroom,  mentally prepare yourself, and travel to the interview or prepare for the phone or video call.
  • Prepare a quiet, clean space where you’ll be for a phone or video call interview. Make arrangements for family members, children, friends, roommates, pets, etc. to be quiet and respectful.
  • Set up the technology for phone and video call interviews. Make sure the webcam, microphone, headset, website, conference line or software is working.
  • Be early! Plan ahead for possible delays, traffic or technical issues. Arrive 15 minutes early to in-person interviews to allow for finding parking and going to the right place. For phone or video calls, use that extra time to review the job description and think your positive thoughts.
  • Turn off your cell phone or put it on silent before you enter the building or start the video call. If you’re on the cell phone for the interview, set it to Do Not Disturb so that no texts, notifications, or other phone calls can pop up.
  • Bring a pen for in-person interviews. Just in case you have to fill out a paper application, take notes, or for any other unexpected reason. You’ll be prepared.  
  • Look in the mirror. Check your teeth. Take a deep breath. Practice your smile and introducing yourself. Start to get enthusiastic! Remember: You can do this. You’re the best person for the job.   
  • Always be friendly, professional, and polite to everyone you interact with. With every phone call, email interaction, and in-person greeting you have a chance to impress them with your kindness and professional behavior. You never know who could be an influencer within the company…and it’s good karma.

What happens next? When you finally get to the office or answer the phone call there are a few things you can do during the interview to ensure your success!

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