Discouraged about your job search? 3 ways to feel better now

Have you been invited to lots of interviews but not hired yet?

Worried that someone else got the job you’ve been hoping for?

Are you feeling discouraged? Or just getting tired of all the searching…?

Getting overwhelmed? Bored so you find a lot of time wasted on social media?

Feel like it should already be happening already?

It’s totally normal to feel this way. Especially if you’ve been at this job search for awhile. So keep this in mind: it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months of actively looking for a job before getting hired.

Now is the time to keep going. Push forward. You can do this. Start with doing these 3 things to help yourself feel better immediately.

  1. Relax. “Wait, what?!” That’s right, relax. It might seem counterintuitive but relaxing your attitude towards getting a job will help it come easier. You don’t have to stop searching and definitely continue applying for jobs…just look at the process with less stress. If you’re feeling desperate to get a job, it will come through in a phone call or interview and it’s not appealing. So…relax a bit. You will find a job and you will get hired, this unemployment is only temporary. You’re doing everything you can to improve your situation. So, inhale a deep breath and give yourself permission to relax.
  2. Take care of yourself. Go for a walk in the morning. Take a break from the computer or phone screen. Do something creative that you really enjoy doing. Cook a healthy meal. Take a warm bath with epsom salt. Light a candle and do some stretches. Read a book for fun. Watch an episode or two (within reason, no bingeing) of your favorite show. Go to the gym and expend some of that frustrated energy. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time for while you had a job. It can be simple or even “silly.” However you do it, you’ve got to be there for yourself!
  3. Focus on what you want to happen. Think about and really focus on all the good things that you want to happen and not your biggest fears. Write down a list of the ideal qualities your dream job will have. Instead of just being satisfied with any job that comes your way, remember that you have a choice. Yes, I’ve heard it before that “any job is better than no job.” While this may be true in the short-term, making a career choice is a big deal. If it goes well, you could be in this job for a long time, so use this downtime to reflect on what you truly want. Then, think and feel positive about it.

When you inevitably catch yourself starting to obsess about all the little things you could have/should have said in the interview or imagining worst-case scenarios to come, STOP.

Remind yourself that it’s more productive and beneficial to spend your mental energy in a more focused way. You dedicate a lot of time to this project of finding a job, so why not bring your best outlook with you when you do it?  

Having trouble thinking positive? Take one action today towards improving your skills or desirability as a job applicant. Brush up on your foreign language conversation skills. Find a course at your library or local community to enrich your personal and professional life. Do one thing. And that one thing will give you more confidence to keep going.

When your best resume is out there…one that shows your unique experience and abilities.  Along with a strong, cover letter that truly reflects who you are. When you allow yourself to feel relaxed, refreshed and ready for it, the perfect opportunity won’t be able to resist knocking at your door.

Which one of these ideas are you ready to try first? What action can you do right now to help yourself feel better?  

Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about how your job search is going!

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